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The term "locum tenens" comes from Latin, meaning "holding the place of." It refers to temporary physicians hired to fill in for regular doctors absent due to illness, vacation, or other reasons. These doctors are adaptable and can work in various medical settings, including hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

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Why Should Professionals Choose Locum Tenens?

Intuitive Health Services is your one-stop shop for all your locum tenens needs in the USA. It provides exceptional benefits and fantastic flexibility to help the healthcare industry.

Financial Perks

Enjoy additional financial benefits and bonuses of locum tenens.

Freedom to Travel

Experience the liberty to travel and discover new places.

Flexible Work Hours

Customize your schedule to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Comprehensive Amenities

Access to a wide range of facilities and services for your convenience.

Increase Core Income

Supplement your main source of income with additional earnings.

Extra Time with Family

Enjoy more quality time with your loved ones along with your job.

Facts Don't Lie

Learn the truth from the facts, revealing the real story behind the numbers.


Physicians work as locum tenens every year.


US healthcare facilities use locum tenens physicians every year.


Physicians say locum tenens is more rewarding than a permanent position.


Locum Tenens physicians can work in all 50 states.

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How Does Intuitive Health and Locum Tenens Work Together?

Begin your locum tenens journey by following these steps:

Connect With Our Experts

Contact our experts at Intuitive Health Services for comprehensive assistance in finding a stress-free locum tenens position in your desired locations. Let's make your journey effortless with peace of mind.

Explore Job Opportunities

Discover a world of exciting job opportunities that match your preferences and needs. Intuitive Health Services has covered you whether you prefer to work close to home or venture into new areas.

Paperwork Management

Once your appointment is confirmed, we will handle all paperwork, including completing the form. We will ensure a seamless process and the assurance that applying through Intuitive is your best move.

Receive Payments Promptly

We will ensure that you receive the proper payment within the timeframe specified. Working with Intuitive Health Services ensures that work and payment transitions go smoothly.