Completed Residency
  • Great way to test out different facilities in different locations.
  • Earn more money to pay your student loans
  • Restore financial balance.
  • Augment your income.
  • Get rid of burnout.

Locum Tenens Work at Every Stage of Your Career.

  • Best for those who can’t commit to a full-time job.
  • Opportunity to make more professional networks.
  • Great for the ones who are not ready to fully retire.
  • Preserve your physician’s identity.


For the past 15 years, Intuitive Health Services has helped numerous healthcare professionals find ideal locum tenens assignments.


Frequently Asked Questions about Locum Tenens.

Yes, upon fulfilling the minimum duration requirement as stipulated in the contractual agreement, it is possible to submit a formal request for relocation to an alternate establishment. It is crucial that the establishment possesses an available opening for the aforementioned position.

Intuitive Health Services is consistently driven to offer assistance and identify optimal accommodation choices for any provider requiring such services.

Intuitive Health Services offers malpractice occurrence insurance with the highest possible rating of A+. Intuitive Health Services offers malpractice insurance that provides coverage for incidents where claims may be filed at a later time.

The determination of the appropriate course of action is contingent upon multiple variables, such as the immediacy of the requirement, the procedures for obtaining credentials and licenses, and your accessibility. Intuitive Health Services aims to collaborate with individuals to streamline the requisite documentation and ensure a seamless onboarding procedure.

Yes, locum tenens positions are temporary relief positions that provide individuals with the opportunity to transition to permanent civil employment when such positions become available.

Locum tenens assignments offer flexibility in terms of scheduling. Depending on the facility's needs and your availability, you can often work weekdays, weekends, or a combination of both.
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