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Positions Available


New higher rates have started for the following disciplines from July 1st, 2014:
Registered Dietitian $36-$36.50/hr
Licensed Psychiatric Technician $27-$28/hr
Occupational Therapist $50/hr
Pharmacist In Charge $78/hr
Pharmacist $72/hr
Pharmacy Technician $19-$21.75
Physical Therapist $70/hr
Primary Care Physician $162/hr
Physician Assistant $72/hr
Nurse Practitioner $72/hr

New higher Rates are going to start September 1st, 2014 for nursing disciplines. This is the time to make top $$by Joining Intuitive Health Services, Inc. You can easily Switch from your current Registry. There will be no Matrix. First come first served @ CDCR-Statewide. Be Smart - Don’t miss the Chance.

New higher Rates –Starting very soon.

$46-48/hr. RN   
$24-26/hr. LVN 
$14-16/hr. CNA
$14-$15/hr. Medical Assistant
$15-$17/hr. Phlebotomist 
$37-$38/hr. CLS
$42/hr Optometrist
$35-$40/hr Respiratory Care Therapist
$45/hr Rad. Tech.
$50/hr Speech/Lang. Path

Please call for detail or email and start completing your file. The best way to reach us by email 

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Job Openings CDCR-Statewide.

CNA #1 position on the matrix - $13-$16/hr. 

LVN #1 position on the matrix -  $24-$26/hr.

RN #3 position on the matrix- $46-$48/hr.


Atascadero State Hospital
Board Certified or Board Eligible Psychiatrist positions $187 
an hour with monthly payment. New contract started.

Coalinga State Hospital
Board Certified or Board Eligible Psychiatrist positions $171 
an hour with weekly payment.

Salinas Valley/Vacaville DMH Psychiatric Program
Board Certified or Board Eligible Psychiatrist positions
$170 an hour with monthly payment. 

Registered Nurse @ Salinas Valley DSH Psychiatric Program: $29/hr. New Graduates welcomed.

Internal Medicine/Family Practice Physician @Coalinga State Hospital: $165 an hour monthly payment and $170 an hour delayed payment when the payment received from the state of California.  

Other Positions @ Coalinga State Hospital:

Licensed Psychiatric Technician positions: $19 an hour.

Licensed Vocational Nurse positions: $18 an hour. 

Licensed Neuropsychologist:Contract Positions $93 an Hour.

Licensed Speech Therapist: contract Position $78 an hr.

Licensed Unit Psychologist: Contract Positions
$70 an hour.

Forensic Report Writer: $70 an hour

Licensed Social Worker: Contract Positions $47 an hour.

Registered Dietitian:
Contract Positions $47 an hour.

Registered Nurse:
Contract Positions $29 an hour.

Licensed Phlebotomist: $13.25 an hour.

Licensed Pharmacy Tech: $13 an hour.

Board Certified or Board Eligible Psychiatrist, $165 per hour monthly payment or  $166 an hour when payment is delayed until invoices are reimbursed by the State.  $40 an hour on call.  Should return to the Institution be required then a minimum of two hours at the full rate of $165 an hour will be reimbursed.  Positions State wide.

Dentist: $115 an hour.

Licensed Psychologist: Contract Positions $64 an hour.

Recreational Therapist: $40 an hour.

Licensed Pharmacist:
Contract Positions $70 an hour.

Licensed Pharmacist in-charge:
Contract Positions $79 an hour.

Licensed Pharmacy Tech:
Contract Positions $18 an hour.

Clinical Laboratory Scientist:  
$31 an hour.
# 3 on the bid matrix.

Licensed Psychiatric Technician: $26 to $27 an hour. 

Occupational Therapist: $40 an hour-starting soon.

Registered Dental Hygienist: $41 an hour.

Registered Dental Assistant:
$20 an hour.

Dental Assistant: $17 an hour

Payment weekly/biweekly with no waiting period before your first check.         (Some Agencies hold a month of pay in reserve to help cover payroll)

> Free Direct Deposit.

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Weekly/biweekly direct deposit payments.

$250 Ref. Bonus after 176 hrs. of reg. work.

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